In an exciting release this week, we have announced the General Availability of our Acropolis Hypervisor on the Dell XC Appliances along with the introduction to a new member of the family: the XC730-12C

The “C” refers to Lite Compute/Cold Tier Storage. 

What does this mean?

It simply does not run any User VM’s – Just the Acropolis Hypervisor and our Controller Virtual Machine to provide the ability to serve Cold Tier Storage to the rest of the cluster. 

This is perfect for customer that do not need anymore compute – Just more storage and more importantly don’t want to pay the hypervisor tax of consuming yet another ESXi or Hyper-V license.

What are the Specifications?

CPU: 1 x E5-2620v3 – 6 core 2.6GHz Only

Memory: Up to 24 DIMMs, DDR4; (32GB/ 2X16GBR DIMMs)

Hypervisor Option: Nutanix Acropolis

Drive Options – 12 x 3.5” slots for data drives

SSD – 800GB=2x400GB

HDD  – 32TB = 8x4TB (Max Capacity =32TB)